New Member Information

You're a Co-op Member!

Choctaw Electric Cooperative is an electric cooperative owned by the approximately 18,000 households and businesses that use our services. Found in 1940, CEC service territory includes 3,550 miles of line spanning Choctaw, McCurtain, Pushmataha, LeFlore and Atoka counties.

Unlike investor owned utilities, we're a member-owned not-for-profit organization.We're committed to providing reliable affordable electricity and other services to all of our members.

Member Benefits

  • You have a voice in the cooperative.
  • You can vote on by-laws and directors and participate in CEC's Annual Meeting each year in September.
  • You will receive our monthly newsletter Inside Your Co-op, which contains valuable information about the cooperative, energy efficiency, legislative issues, programs and services.
  • You and your family can take part in our services and programs.

Capital Credits

As a not-for-profit business, when you pay your energy bill each month, you are accumulating equity in your cooperative through capital credit allocation.

Margins in excess of the cost to serve members are utilized as operating capital. When the cooperative realizes a positive margin above and beyond operating expenses, the margins are allocated through a capital credits system according to member's usage.

Capital credits are refunded periodically when the board of trustees determines that it will not jeopardize the finaincial condition of the cooperative.

The Choctaw Electric Misson

Choctaw Electric Cooperative has been very successful in meeting its primary mission of bringing quality electric service to the counties we serve. In addition, CEC's Board of Trustees, management, and power partners continuously work on a variety of projects that positively influence the quality of life in rural Oklahoma.

Services and Programs


  • Home Energy Audit. Helps members locate the probable source of energy loss in their home using a combination of high tech equipment usage reports.
  • CEC Loans
    • Appliances. Up to $2500. Covers the purchase of energy efficient appliances such as freezers, refrigerators, washers, dryers and cook tops.
    • Energy Efficiency. Helps members finance new storm windows and doors, insulation, install a new heat pump or HVAC system and more.


  • AARP Driver Safety Program. An 8 hour course that may reduce your insurance and help you become a better driver.
  • Office Tours. A fun and educational way to teach all ages about the process of running an electric cooperative.
  • School Safety Programs. CEC offers safety demonstrations for kids that makes learning about safety fun and educational.
  • Kilowatt Kids Camp. Open to 1st-3rd grade students. Camp is filled with fun activities that teach kids electrical safety and energy conservation.
  • Youth Tour. A week long all expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. for high school juniors.
  • CPR Classes. CEC offers CPR training to local communities, groups and organizations as part of our commitment to safety.

CEC Rates

Rates are adopted by the Board of Trustees, with the purpose of providing quality electric service at the lowest possible cost. There are separate rate schedules for different classes of service, and all, including security lights, are subject to a Power Cost Adjustment, Tax Adjustment and Gross Receipts Tax Charge. Rate schedules for all classes of service are available upon request. The most frequently used rates are as follows:

Single Phase Service General

Available to all consumer for single phase residential and non-residential service except services that qualify as farm/agricultural service, poultry & swine, or seasonal dwellings not used as a principle residence of the owner.

Customer Charge Energy Charge
$19.25 per month $0.09478 per kwh


Available to all houses, camps, cottages, and other seasonal dwellings, which are not used as the principle residence of the owner.

Customer Charge Energy Charge
$26.50 per month $0.09868 per kwh


Available to all consumers for single phase service with meter used for farm/agriculture. Limited to only those meters used for farm/agriculture purposes. Residential and other commercial uses are not eligible.

Customer Charge Energy Charge
$12.25 $0.09478 per kwh

Poultry and Swine

Available to all consumer for service associated with contract poultry or swine operations. Service is limited to only those facilities used in the actual commercial production or processing of poultry or swine. Residential and other commercial uses are not eligible.

Customer Charge Energy Charge
$12.25 $0.07738 per kwh

Three Phase Service

Available to all consumers for three-phase service. Transformer load requirements shall not exceed 100 kVa of transformer capacity.

Customer Charge Energy Charge
$27.00 $0.09998 per kwh

Large Power Service (LP1) – Available to Commercial Accounts only

Available to all three-phase consumers on or near three phase lines for service up to 1000 kw.

Customer Charge Demand Charge Energy Charge
$156.00 $7.00 per KW of Monthly NCP Demand $0.07098 per kwh

Metered Lights

150 watt$2.81 + usage + PCA

Non-Metered Lights

150 watt HPS$7.99 + PCA
250 watt HPS$11.51 + PCA
400 watt HPS$14.44 + PCA
*Pricing for larger lights available upon request.

Rate Information

How Electric Rates are Set

Choctaw Electric Cooperative rates are based on the cost of providing electric service to member/owners. The costs include the cost of operating and maintaining lines and equipment, expenses and wholesale power costs.

As a not-for-profit cooperative, we also generate revenue, but only as much as we need to operate. We don't set our rates to make profits for shareholders who don't live in the communities we serve; money we receive as payment for services stays hard at work locally. And because we're a cooperative, any profits, called margins, above and beyond operating costs are returned to members.

Power Cost Adjustment (PCA)

Choctaw Electric Cooperative purchases power from Western Farmers Electric Cooperative (WFEC). The cost to make electricity is affected by the price of coal and fuel. Choctaw Electric has an established rate per kilowatt hour to provide electricity to our customers and that rate does not fluctuate. The Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) on your bill is a fuel adjustment charge caused by an increased or decreased cost of coal or fuel purchased by WFEC. The PCA is shown on your bill as a price per kilowatt-hour. The PCA changes monthly to reflect the fuel costs incurred by WEFC.


Non-Commercial Deposits

Satisfactory Credit No Deposit
Unsatisfactory Credit Deposit will be determined

Commercial Deposits

All Commercial meters will be required to place a deposit equal to two times the estimated monthly bill or, for new service without billing history the deposit will be based on the requested installed KVA transformer size multiplied by twenty (20), or an amount greater if necessary to cover any expected wholesale demand obligations.

Other Fees

Description Fee
Membership Fee$5.00
Connect or Transfer Fee$25.00
Prepaid Startup Fee$125.00
Yard Light Install Fee $75.00
Yard Light and Pole Set Fee$275.00
Non-Pay Reconnect Fee$50.00
NSF Returned Check Fee$25.00
Late Payment Fee6.5% of bill
Tampering Fee$300.00
Re-Staking Fee$50.00
*Prices subject to change without notice.